Rice Kheer | Rice Pudding

Here I start my blog with something sweet, Rice Kheer it is!!! This recipe is close to my heart and it is from my mom’s kitchen. It is the most common dessert prepared in Indian homes, but each family has their own variation. It is an easy dessert to prepare.

To prepare it you’ll need whole milk, rice, sugar, cardamom powder and a few nuts & raisins. You can also add a few saffron threads to it, which I skipped as I love the whitish color in the kheer. 

Sugar tip: I have added 1/3 cup of sugar to it, you can add additional 2 tbsp for more sweetness.

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: North Indian

Servings: 4

Time: Preparation – 5 Mins, Cooking –  55 Mins, Total – 1 hour


  1. Whole Milk –  1 Litre
  2. Rice – 1/4 Cup (soaked for 15 mins)
  3. Sugar – 1/3 Cup or as desired
  4. Almonds – 8 (crushed or chopped)
  5. Cashews – 8 (crushed or chopped)
  6. Raisins – 2 tbsp (soaked for 15 mins in warm water)
  7. Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp.

PS: 1 Cup = 250 ML.

How to make Rice Kheer:

  1. Heat milk in a thick bottom pan and bring it to boil
  2. Turn the flame to low. Rinse the soaked rice and add it to the milk. Stir
  3. Cook on low flame till it thickens and rice is cooked, stir occasionally. Takes about 30-40 mins. Remember to keep scraping the dried milk from the sides of the pan and add it back to the pan
  4. Add almonds, cashews, raisins and cardamom powder. Mix and cook for another 4-5 mins
  5. Turn off the flame. Add sugar and mix well
  6. Your Rice Kheer is ready. Serve hot or chilled. Top it with some crushed nuts while serving.

IMG_8953 2


  1. Thanks for the recipe. Was always in search of one! Loved the detailed explanation..😊Will surely try it.. Looking forward to more recipes from you 😊

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